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Methods & Tools advertising prices & schedule

A cost-effective way to reach a fast-growing worldwide audience of software development professionals 
with more than 45'000 registered readers and 50'000 sites visitors/month from all continents.
Banners will appear on www.methodsandtools.comand www.softdevtube.com

Contact us to receive more info and the readership demographic file

Ad description

Price (US dollars)

Size cm (Height * Width)

Size inches

*** Web banners (3 months display) + ads in quarterly PDF issues

Unique web site sponsor
1 GIF banner 3 months
+ full page in page 4 PDF issue


468*60 GIF file
max size 30k


4 Web site co-sponsors
1 GIF banner
+ 1/2 page ad in PDF issue


125*125 GIF file
max size 20k

*** Software Development Resources Web Links

70 characters text + URL hard coded on methodsandtools.com, softdevtools.com, softdevtube.com and softdevarticles.com web site

Monthly: $150
Yearly: $ 1495


*** Distribution Sponsor

two 490 characters text ads in distribution e-mail and preview e-mail; eternal banner on M&T issue Web page; url on main M&T page; 1 page ad in page 2 of PDF issue

$ 1995

468*60 GIF file
max size 30k

*** Monthly e-mails to subscribers

Top sponsor
490 characters text + URL at top
Bonus: rerun once as classified ad



Second sponsor
350 characters text + URL 
Bonus: rerun once as classified ad



Sponsored link - 70 characters text $95    
Featured job - 1 line(*) $95    
*** Quarterly PDF issues

Full page ad




Half page ad 




Quarter page 




Last statistics

Registered (subscription) readers: 45'000. More than 40'000 unique visitors/month,
past issues downloaded between 800 and 1000 times/month. 

Editorial schedule

PDF: Spring – end of March; Summer – end of June; Fall – end of September; Winter – mid–December
E-mail text news: January, February, March, April, May, June, August, October, November, December

Pricing & Period

Discount are available for long term customers. If you have special needs, just contact me.

Other special advertisements formats

Video inclusion in www.softdevtube.com and other video directories for $200/year

Software Development Tools Directory category sponsorship for $100/year (top of category position for your tool)

Software Development Links Directory category sponsorship for 30 euros /year (top of category position)

Related links at the bottom of specific pages of the articles section for $100/year

Focused web site networks (Agile, Software Quality & Testing, Software Requirements, Project Management, Java, .NET)