Programming, software testing and project management practical resources


Here some links to external resources that provides practical expert knowledge for the software developer, tester and manager.



Software Development Tools

Methods & Tools partners

BlazeMeter  The Load Testing Platform for Developers

Ghost Inspector  Automated Website Testing from the Cloud

Inflectra   Manage your development and quality assurance processes

Ranorex  Automated Testing of Desktop, Web and Mobile

QaTraq  Test Case Management Tool

Other tools (reciprocal link required)

Software Development Tools

Open Source Project Management Tools

Agile Software Development Tools  BDD, Scrum, Continuous Integration

UML Unified Modeling Language Tools

Scrum Open Source Software

Functional Testing Tools

Unit Testing Tools

Source Code Analysis Tools  Static and dynamic code analysis for Java, Javascript, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby

Continuous Integration Tools

Defect and Bug Tracking Tools

Performance and Load Testing Tools

Software Requirements Management Tools

Test Management Tools

MySQL Tools  Tools for the MySQL database

SQL Server Tools  Tools for the SQL Server database

Aivosto   Software utilities for Visual Basic

FirstSQL/J    Object/Relational Database Management Systems 

MetaQuest Software    Census Bug Tracking and Defect Tracking

Relational Language & Database Technology    Transparent gateway between Cobol applications and databases systems 

SDMetrics   A design quality measurement tool for the UML

Tierasoft   Defect Manager bug tracking software

TurboData   Test data generator